October 10, 2015

Solution for Vonage cannot make outgoing calls.


I have been using vonage device for several months now, from very first day. I was having problem that I couldn’t make calls using my wifi router but can received calls. I have a router that is both modem + WiFi router. So I was having this problem with my WiFi router only. I tried other modem which is without router and my call goes through with that. I keep searching for the answer on vonage forums, blogs etc to get it fixed but unfortunately, none could help me. Even I had made tickets with … [Read more...]

How to Reset password from PhpMyAdmin for wordpress?


Few days ago, I was working on other site and I forgot my password of admin. Another problem I was facing is that email function was disable so I can not reset my password from my email option either. So how I reset my password for admin login. First thing about wordpress is if you have hosting with less support you will be having lots of trouble so try to have hosting from those webhosting provider who provide online support like chat support for their clients to sort out things quickly … [Read more...]

MySQL Error Solution for Yet Another Awards System for Vbulletin

Hello, Yet another award system is great for forum to run contest and give awards in forum. If you have forum you must install it but there is a thing you should know about it that it might give you error and support of this plugin is low as everyone has personal life to beside net and busy schedule too, It's totally understandable that author of this plugin is busy and . I was installing award system in my vbulletin and on installation of Yet Another Awards System I was having error. The error … [Read more...]